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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by photong, Nov 5, 2003.

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    Some new stuff. Random Yeah :) Say whatcha want. Enjoy!

    P.S. These were all taken with my digital FinePix A303 :)

    Halloween- Holly as 'The Boss' Daughter'

    Is this image upside down, or right side up?
    More at this gallery http://photong.wired-wolf.net/gallery_misc.htm

    Mirror Self Portraits. I ended up taking out a bunch from the gallery because I thought they were too dark. but that may have just been because of my monitor. Oops.
    More at this gallery http://photong.wired-wolf.net/gallery_sps.htm

    You can't tell. But this is a shot of a house through a Halloween wreath that had webs in the middle. *shrug*
    More at this gallery http://photong.wired-wolf.net/gallery_holiday_season.htm

    Just a hamster. Looks like a mouse running along a wall. I love how you can't see feet at this angle. lol.

    Mirror Fun. More at this gallery http://photong.wired-wolf.net/gallery_mirrorfun.htm

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    Good stuff. I like all of them, especially that self portrait and the house through the wreath. :)

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