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Jun 5, 2013
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First time posting pictures here. Just a few shots around the yard as i try to learn and get better.

My cat Jasmine hiding between to Hostas to get away from the heat.

057_01 by ogrefcf, on Flickr

Bee on some Salvia

090 by ogrefcf, on Flickr

Juvenile Robin

076 by ogrefcf, on Flickr

Jasmine again on the side of the house

Jasmine by ogrefcf, on Flickr
I really love your last shot, the cat seem so comfy like if the wall was warmed up by the sun. It gives a good feeling!

# 1: I like the idea but we see too much of the plants and not enough of the cat, DOF is a little too shallow,
# 2: A nicely detailed macro shot, but a little too busy.
#3: I would crop the left part of the image and the bottom, it would put more accent on the bird who is a little lost. Focus is out a bit too but I lilke the plant behind and it makes a nice image. May be it is my screen but I would lower the saturation, the green of the leaves attract the eye too much and it would be better to have the cute bird stand out a little bit more!
thanks for the advice
I like the first one, like the shallow DOF. But I would use layers in PS to bring the cat up a stop, and MAYBE bring the leaves down a stop (or maybe leave them as is, depending on the result I get).

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