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Oct 17, 2007
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I want to know what modern day film you recommend for 35mm and price range for each.

High End: Film for something that I am trying to make look best as possible.

Med End: Film for average every dayshots which I am trying to have look decent.

Low End: Film for fooling around and trying new things.
your terms are hard to work with.

best as possible is going to mean different things depending on the images.

I would really suggest you get one film, probably HP5+ or trix, as they are both very forgiving , especially when learning.
stick with one film and one developer combinations until you have a good idea of what the result will be when you become consistent with your exposures.

B&H, Freestyle have a wide variety of films .

I am sure others will chime and recommend other films as there is never just one right answer , everyone has their own opinions.

I am sorry i was just assuming you meant black and white (as that is my medium). You know hwat they say about assuming lol
Why would you want to use anything but what you consider to be the best possible for your style of photography? The differences in cost are not that great that I would want to use what I would consider to be a second rate film.
For "low end", I get a handful of expired rolls from the local shop. Surprisingly, some really good film just slightly out of date produced some of my favorite shots.
There is no best film. There's only different film. Sometimes the cheap Kodak 400 produces just the noise and gain you want.

Take a look at example scans of film online to see what you want for certain styles. As a good start look towards FujiFilm Velvia for lovely colour saturation and medium contrast.
I've used Kodak 400UC with good results, its not too expensive, and it comes out pretty nice.
Sometimes the cheap Kodak 400 produces just the noise and gain you want.

I've taken some of my favorite pictures with Kodak Gold 400 and 800. I often like the way film grain can look. Sensor noise however, I don't like at all.
I always liked Kodak UC400, it's cheap and if you are in the states wal-mart usually has 3 packs for about $12.00 - $13.00. IMHO would stay away from slide for a little, until you get more familiar with your camera. But if you want to jump into slide film, it's hard to beat Velvia 100. Keep in mind that you are going to have to send it out, probably to Phoenix AZ to get processed, but the wait is one part of film I have always liked.

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