film for protest...sfx200?

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by meesh, Mar 9, 2007.

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    Im going to a protest next week, and wondering what type of film I should use. Its going to be around noon, so itll definitely be hot and sunny. A lot of people will be carrying sign and I really want those to "pop." It also needs to be b&w film. I was thinking of using the ilford sfx200... Ive never used it before. Any suggestions or comments on the sfx200? I googled it and found some photos...look pretty good, but I dont know if its real finicky or not. Also- how do i develop it? is it the same as regular b&w film?

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    SFX200 is a mid-speed panchromatic film with extended red sensitivity (up to around 730nm I think). It's a good pan film, but it's real value is in its semi-infrared capabilities. Development is normal. Although SFX is being re-released by ilford (next month, actually), I think that using it for this purpose would be a waste of the film's capabilities. If you insist on using 200 speed film, the only recommendation I would make would be Berger 200. I would personally go for a 400 speed film. You can always stop down or throw on an ND filter if there's too much light. But for those tight, quick shots, I think 400 speed and a zoom lens would be ideal. Besides, the higher speed will give you more latitude if you need to stop down to capture a whole crowd.

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