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Sep 22, 2007
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Its time for me to finally invest in some good quality filters. But, i have never seen so many for sale. Some being cheap as heck and others being hundreds. I want something for skies. To make them look more dramatic. So would i therefore use a polarizer or ND filter.

-Good company and rating (.9 ,8 .7) ND filter.



Im going to be getting 67mm filters.
There's been a fair amount of discussions on filters of late in the forum. Have you tried the search tool?
Mmmm, that's odd. I did a keyword search for filter and got 200 hits, in the last two weeks there were 91. Keyword polarizer received 200 ( I guess that's the maximum). Same thing for ND / density.

What was I missing? I'm not trying to be a smartass, but I know you can get some of your questions answered if you try.
Going to get this right now

B+W 67 mm Kaeseman Circular Polarizer Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) Slim Glass Filter

thanks for the help?
Hoya R72 or RM90 for the infrared.

Don't judge a filter by it's maker. Hoya is a very good company once you start paying more than $20 for it's products.

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