filters...when and how to use them... little help pls!

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    I've now got three filters...

    4x neutral density

    I have used the polarizer one a fair bit - so understand when (kind of) to use that.... I am off to Greece on Wednesday so it's gonna be pretty sunny... which filters should I use and when is all I really wanna know.

    I've been told that the skylight I can keep on my lens all the time?

    Got the neutral density lens to hopefully take some nice pics of the sea and get that "whispy" look on a long exposure......

    any advice is much appreciated!

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    Check out this thread for more info on the pol

    A skylight filter is a UV filter with a hint of warmth. Yes, many people leave these on all the time as lens protection. The hint of warmth is pleasing to a lot of color photography, and doesn't affect BW photography. It is particularly handy when dealing with the bluish light in shady areas, and from electric flash.

    A neutral density filter blocks light without altering color. A 4x means it blocks 2 stops.

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