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    Ok so at least i know what filter are but that is about were my knowledge ends i just got a Nikon D70s with the 18-70 and i want to keep the glass safe and you can do that with a UV filter, then what are some other filters and what would they be used for?
    Also are there any brand that anyones says is better than other one?
    i just want the 101 on filters
    If this is mentioned somewhere else on the forrm im happy with a link if it have some info on filters

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    Some people use UV filters for protection, some don't. Remember that the more you put in front of a lens, the great the chance you have of lens flare and overall image degradation.

    Film photographers used filters quite a lot. Film only had one 'white balance' so sometimes you needed to color correct for different light temps if you didn't have the right film. There are any number of 'special effects' filter to do just about anything from soft focus to turning the highlights into stars.

    In the digital age, applying filter effects to digital images is very easy with software. Not only is it easy, but you have very fine control over the effects...when using a filter on the lens, you have very limited control (filter on or filter off). For this reason, I don't recommend many filters for digital photography.

    There are some exceptions though. UV for protection if you like. Split or graduated filters can be useful to help even out a scene with high contrast, although this can also be worked around with software.
    Lastly, we have polarizing filters. This is one filter that is very hard or impossible to recreate with software. They are very good when used outdoors in sunny conditions.
    If there is one filter I would recommend, it would be a circular polarizer.

    As for brands, it's like anything usually get what you pay for. Better filters will usually cost more and have coatings to reduce flare and use top quality glass etc.
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    Photos NOT OK to edit I did a comparison of UV filters in most of Hoya's line-up. In summary, definitely don't skimp, but don't bother wasting money on the Pro1D series of UV filters either.

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