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Aug 6, 2010
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Hello TPF how are ya? Fantastic! I'm good too thanks for asking.

Alright I have come to the conclusion to go with my third option (for those of you who have read my previous threads) which is to keep my D40x body but search far and wide for nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-S. Which to my understanding is impossible to find on craigslist, Ebay however is different. My main question being where else can I get this lens? I know it's been discontinued and all but there has to be a place online or somewhere that has this lns for sale. Also a dillemma, I have never ever ever bought anything from ebay, only from Amazon, but they only have the af-d version which I could case less about (right?). Since it will be my first time buying from ebay (if i go with that choice) I don't know how comfortable I am with it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

PS. anybody have experience with this lens and wants to re assure me I made the right decision.
This lens comes up regularily on Craig's List - keep an eye on Used Vancouver and Vancouver's Craig's List - the one-touch version seems to run $5 - 700 typically.
I have been looking on craig's list farely often and all I can find is the af-d's. I have seen them for $1,000.00 on ebay. You said the Vancouver craig's list?
Oops, missed the AF-S requirement. Yes, that will add a little bit to the price. The AF-D is the version that comes up most. Still, keep an eye on Craig's List; that way you can actually play with it before you put down cash.
keh has an extremely good reputation. Their prices are usually fair, but not cheap. They classically under-rate their used glass (e.g. call something 'good' condition that really is excellent, etc.).
I have heard that a "Bargain" rating from KEH is still a good deal. I don't know anything about pricing for that lens but, if the price sounds at all right, I would call them and question them about it if I were you. They have, from what I understand, a very liberal return policy. Maybe some folks here who have dealt with them can weigh in.
@Supraman- Thanks for the links, the rating on that lens is 7/10 scratch on glass and rubber ring loose, for 900+ shipping. No thanks.

@icassell- Thanks for the valid info, I will give them a call and check it out just to be safe I was thinking about going for the ebay option this guy has 100% positive ratings no bad ones ever. Has made deals over $3,000.00 with positive reviews so.
That's cool. Let us know how it all washes out :)

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