Finally, a light bulb moment!


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Jul 15, 2013
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A little background:

A year ago my wonderful husband bought me a very nice Canon 7D. It came with a kit lens and he bought be another kit style lens with more zoom as well as a 50mm. He gave me these knowing years ago I used to shoot with film as a hobby and really loved it (nearly 20 years ago). In all the years since I shot with a film camera I have used nothing but simple point and shoot cameras and now, suddenly in my hand lies a camera that can nearly walk on it's own and I am extremely intimidated by it.

Flash forward to today (seriously, like 5 minute ago). I am sitting here staring at my camera, pick it up and really start playing with it. Suddenly, I decided I'd mess around with the manual mode some and see if I can figure something out. Oh my goodness!! I am either an idiot or have been frozen by fear for the last year because I suddenly have it all figured out (well maybe not but my comprehension has jumped light years)! I have finally taken a picture in manual mode (several actually) that came out with proper exposure! Finally! Apparently not shooting anything but a point and shoot for years makes you forget everything you ever knew. I don't know what was holding me back, what wall came down, or why all the sudden, it's starting to make sense but, it is and I am grateful! I can't wait to finally use my camera for what it was meant to be used for and get away from the Auto modes!

I know I sound like an idiot... I'm ok with that because this is huge for me and having idiotic moments (or a year in this case) is a normal or more, a typical part of who I am!
That's great. :thumbsup:

I teach a DSLR photography class (10-12 times a year) and I absolutely love it when I see my students come to the same 'Eureka moment'...when they really start to understand exposure and how they can control it in manual mode.
I had a similar experience, being a long time film photographer - I'd heard and read about how shooting manual and RAW was so difficult that it took me awhile to try it. That's when the light bulb went on for me, it was like shooting film... Should have tried it much sooner. Enjoy your camera!
I make a motion this thread be made into a Sticky.

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