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Jul 10, 2004
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at work...
The boys and I went out to a cemetary that is right down the road from my Chiropractor's office that I've always liked and I broke out the camera finally. I could've stayed for longer but Lucas had to potty the second his feet touched the grass, even though we had left the building with a bathroom opportunity five minutes before. :lol:

Anyway, here are a few

Of course I had to break out the Lensbaby. I really liked the texture on the cross here so I may have to head back out when the lighting is more favorable.


They change the flags in the cemetaries up here pretty often so they always look really new and I can't avoid taking pictures of them. :D

Subliminal message?

Something about these markers drew me in. This was the only one I got a good angle/light on.

Thanks for looking. :D
Yay, Aubrey has joined the darkside! :lol:

Nice shots Aubrey! Gotta love the lensbaby at cemetaries - sets a nice mood. That first shot is absolutely kickbutt. Love the DOF in the second and last shot and that third shot is hilarious.

Welcome to the dark side Hobbes... once you're in, you're in for life! :twisted:
OMG we got a mod in here!...... well i have to say im impressed, the first is awsome, great use of the LB. Love the dof in the second. The third i think is my fav..... great texture and tone.... totally suited to the d/s, and i like the sweet spot area in the last. Great stuff hobbes..... do more! :thumbup:
Oh...right on. Welcome to the darkside. Guess you can have the head coffin.:lol: We saved them for y'all. Schmokin shots Hobbes. I really dig your lensbaby shot. Nicely done man. !!!
Way to go Hobbes! I love the DOF in #2 ... #3 is a hoot and a half ... and #4 makes me tear up.

And keep in mind that in the DS ... you can check out any time you like ... but you can never leave ...

(guitar riff )
Thanks ya'll. I think it's handy that the boys like going to cemetaries so much. I just have to get them out there when the light is working for me.... which is usually when I'm stuck inside. :lmao:

And, thanks cuzzin... I'm going to have that song in my head the rest of the day. ;)
look who has wandered in the dark side.........!!

welcome, oh dearest cousin.... and might i add, we really DIG you here...

these are great... love the flag one.....what is it about the flag that you just cant pass up?? its just gorgeous, and me and nicole have to take shots of one, no matter how many we already have...

so proud you put some up....this just tickles us to death....( 'scues the pun)

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