finally got him...


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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usually he climbs down in his little hole before i can get to a good spot where i can get a clear shot. today i managed get to a good spot before he climbed down in there. before i got to the optimal spot where i would have been nice and close he got freaked out and down he went. this is a major crop job, amazed it came out so good.

screech owl

Screech Owl. 20151106-DSC_3257 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
So cool. Nice one! I've been searching for an owl forever.
Cool shot. Awesome camo job, probably never see him if you didn't know he was there.
Nice shot I have been trying to find an owl for the last month with no luck.
When it climbs down the hole, just go over there and drag it out of it's hole and take the photo!:biggrin-93:

It really is a nice photos!
I know where there are three owls, but it is very wooded and hard to spot them before they spot you.:048:
Crazy good.

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Still jealous (I posted that on Facebook) great shot. Now can you send him my direction.
thanks everyone.

i have my photo posted a few places, Mrs Kaufman that does the Kaufman field guides sent me a message and told me its not a good outcome for the owl to walk near it and scare it back down in to the tree since screech owls are constantly harassed by other birds.
Nice shot. Amazing how it blends with the tree.

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