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Feb 17, 2010
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I'm finally leaving one of my jobs, which means no more 6-7 day, 60-70+ hour work weeks! It's nice to finally be able to go out and enjoy a weekend doing what I love.

Here's my attempt from today. I was waiting for the sun to go down a little further to give me a warmer glow, but the clouds wouldn't cooperate. I had a feeling they would be a problem, so I snapped this just before the "golden light" hit. As soon as it did, either my foreground or the mountain was in shadow and made for an unbalanced photo. I think it still turned out ok, but it was enough to warrant a reshoot when the opportunity arises.


C&C Please :)

Dude! You've left me speechless ;-)...that was a really nice one mate….hope we can pull more of this kind



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I'd be thankful to that dark cloud for having been there! I think it really adds to your photo! (But you might consider adding just a smidge of sharpness, too, with a well-balanced Unsharp Mask or whatever they are called today in the more up-to-date versions of Photoshop...)
Thanks :)

The clouds in the actual picture weren't what were giving me troubles. The broken clouds behind me were giving me scattered shadows within my frame.

It's getting late (or should I say early) here, so I'll do a little editing on it tomorrow and see what I can come up with ;)
Great picture.. looking at these pictures just makes me love my grass more
Nice! It would be a cool photo too if you HDR it.
I'll hopefully be going out there within the next few weeks, and I'll post the results when I do.
Lucky you live in such a beautiful place...I want to take photos of mountains too but I will have to wait for a vacation and money and time and and and...I live in Minnesota, so I take photos of trees, imagine that...boring old trees...yay me...
I agree that this is a beautiful shot. Plus you could HDR it next time. By that they mean to take several bracketed exposures and combine them into one image. It increases the range of highlight and shadow details.

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