finding a voice again, picking up a camera again.


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Jan 10, 2008
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The high desert of Reno, Nevada and Wroclaw, Polan
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Well I spent years taking photos and developing all kinds of great things.
Then I went digital, honestly it killed my love for it. There seemed like such a lack of wanting to capture the world. I have spent a large amount of this decade not behind my camera.

A camera has been that gadget on my phone and I hated it.

So I get a call from my father telling me that there is a package coming.

I get it and I find one of his MF in it a Mamiya C220 with 3 lenses and an old light meter.

I think I may have something to say again.

Hopefully I can come here and post a few pics and get some feedback as I get back into my first real love.
Welcome back to your first love and to TPF.
What a great story! :thumbup: I hear from a lot of people who "go digital" and then find it's just lacking for them. You're not alone.

Sounds like you have lucked up into a great MF system! Welcome to TPF - looking forward to seeing your work. :D
Hello and welcome back to photography. I hope that your love of photography will be rekindled. Please do post some pics.
Welcome to the forum, and glad to "hear" you got your voice back. :) We often put down the thing we love, sometimes it just takes a little spark to get started again. (pun intended). After you are all warmed up, please share some of your voice with us.
I can understand that...but I can't say I've experienced it. I wish I could have done darkroom stuff. But honestly, with digital, I treat my post processing as my darkroom time...and work at it just like I would if it was film. You can't just take pictures and print them and hope...

Glad you found a love again, though. MF looks like lots of fun.

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