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Nov 4, 2006
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Is that a real child? Looks like a doll.

I really like this shot, but I think its lacking in contrast. The grey tone of the bricks and fireplace and even the childs outfit all blend together a little too much. What caused the flare in the top right corner?
Is this your only shot of this?
Little things like contrast might need work, but important things are there. The pose is very nice, she is a natural (I mean photogenic).
Thanks, it is a real kid. I tryed to make it look like it can possibly be an older photo so if you were to try to put a year on it it would be difficult to pin point.

The bricks of the fireplace blend in because they are reddish and her clothes are also red so I kept most of the contrast in the hat and face and thats pretty much it.

The flare was put their on purpose for a couple of reasons. to make it look dreamy and a bit fake to add to the difficulty of dating it. The one pice outfit was also choosen for that reason.

WOW! I think I may have put too much thought into this. I guess if its liked it was worth it.
I like this photo but I agree with them, it lacks contrast. You should have adjusted the color of the bricks too, you know make it a bit more darker so that it wouldnt blend with the child's outfit. But the scene is great, it makes a perfect christmas card :)
The picture is great but that glare on the top right corner just keeps throwing me off, but overall im absolutely in love with this picture.

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