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Aug 22, 2011
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mid glamorgan, UK
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My first attempt at street photography.... trying to capture the council workers going about their job in a busy town centre, any constructive criticism would be helpful, thanks.

Ok well I hope you take this as constructive.

Your pic is decent enough, looks well exposed, ok composition (think I'd have preferred a portrait orientation) not bad use of dof but I think this could be a really good shot if you managed to capture say someone littering as these guys were changing the bins. It would capture the frustration of this kind of job as opposed to two guys doing what they were hired to do.
Thank you, that's a good point. I suppose it's difficult to get the scene you want as you can't make people do stuff. I see your point about portrait too. Thanks :)
Crop out the distracting objects.
It would have been better to try to get more of their facial reaction of what they are doing.

Street photography, in my opinion, displays an instant reaction to the viewer without comments to explain it ... here I don't see it here.
Hmm, it was my first attempt. I felt self-conscious. Tried to snap it quickly without being noticed :)
Some street photographers get the best images by the fact that their subjects know their picture is being taken.

Don't too nervous and take a shot before the time is right.
Street photography is about knowing when the right shot is occurring or knowing when it it going to occur.
ok thanks. I've just been reading some websites about it. I'll go out and have another try soon. :)
IMO, street photography is trying to convey an impression or meaning or emotion beyond the literal sense, some point that you are showing to the viewer.

Yes, this is council workers emptying the litter but there is nothing beyond that.
It is OK, at least your up tight. Many of the poor shots I see are so far away and filled with all sort of distractions. Just try for more interesting subjects.
Jackiex, I know what you mean about being nervous. I know I've missed a lot of shots because I was afraid of the person figuring out and getting mad that I was taking his/her picture. A lot of my early attempts at street photography were from the back. That actually helped because I was able to practice capturing a 'moment' without as much fear of discovery. After a while, you'll get braver. It helps a lot to make sure your camera's settings are ready to go and that can help you get the camera up to your face, click the shutter and get the shot much more quickly - often quickly enough that most people won't even realize you've just taken a picture of them. The more you fiddle, the less likely you'll get your shot. You have to also be prepared for many shots not coming out quite the way you'd hoped, but these all become worth it when you finally get the one you've been waiting for!

It helps me to think about worst case scenarios: someone gets a little pissy with me? I can handle that. Will someone potentially get violent if they are pissed at me? I don't want to deal with that so I don't take the shot and let it be 'the one that got away.' So far, I've found that most people don't care, don't notice, or don't do anything more than maybe give me a dirty look.
I hear you on being nervous and a quick shot trying not to be seen. I get that feeling too. I like the contrast of the workers light tops and the dark can and the DOF with the cars in the background. I would crop out the half person on the left.

Best would be if they had a real shocked expression on their faces as if "What is that!!!" when they opened the bin :) Oh the possibilities.

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