first couple of hdr attempts


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Oct 29, 2007
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here is the first one with the regular picture (the middle exposure setting - 0)



here is the second one:


i like the second hdr better. i think it turned out a little better, although i do realize that this isnt the type of picture for ideal hdr shots. i just wanted to make an attempt. what do yall think?
oh yeah. the reason her head is a little blurry in the first one is because she turned the page and moved on the last shot! the shortest (darkest) exposure setting.

i made sure she sat still for the second attempt.
YIKES wayyyy too processed for my liking... its one thing to tonne map a picture to highlight the subject... but this looks like a cartoon...
I have too agree with Nikonguy. Some of these HDR's have gotten to the point where they look radioactive. No disrespect intended, but the point of an HDR is to be able to highlight all of the details in a photo, not make it glow from over processing. Do a search for some good HDR photos and see what you should be striving for.
ya i see what you mean. first time using hdr software so still a work in progress. any suggestions? maybe less on the highlights side and more shadowy?
from my understanding an HDR is using one over exposed, one under exposed and one correctly exposed pic to implement the full range of lighting/areas lost in certain lighting. how far over and under were you going?

this is an HDR i did b/c the lighting is so wierd in this section of our driveway i couldnt quite get it like i wanted. its still not what i like, and i feel it may be a bit overproccesed as well.

i say give it another try, i took many different exposures and tried several times on another pic, finally getting the slight hang of it (not shown by the posted pic i did lol). though most occassions do not need HDR if correctly exposed, its still fun to play with.

i agree that overprocessing can really take away from the photo itself. imho HDR should make the picture look more vivid/complete. i just say keep practicing and youll get there. next time try with some different subject matter as well, it may be a little overwhelming on a person to get it to look "right", these look semi painted or cartoonish as said.

cool pics nevertheless, gives it a cool effect if you ever so desired!

i used +2, 0, & -2 for the exposure levels. turned out being a bright one, a regular one, and a dark one. i do think the best hdr photos are of landscapes or cityscapes, but i was just playing around and trying to get a feel for the process of making one. i think the effect (on the 2nd one) turned out pretty cool, but like as stated not really an hdr image. ill keep on trying though! thanks very much for the input though guys.

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