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Sep 21, 2009
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El Cajon, CA
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Well I've had my D300 for about 2 days now, and i was able to go out around campus and take some shots. Unfortunately I'm still stuck with my old lenses, but they do the job admirably considering they are both kit lenses.

These two were both shot with my AF-S 18-70mm F/3.5-5.6 lens

Comments are appreciated and welcome.


This second one i like a bit more, but the background bothers me slightly. If anyone has any recommendation on how to go about editing it at all, I'm open to suggestions

Both images are severely overexposed. So bright that it almost hurts my eyes to look at. Speed that shutter up a bit. I see the effect you were going for, but it's not working.
Thank you for your comments. I like the first one how it is, and i would like respect on that matter. The second one does seem a tad more overexposed than i would like it to be (it looked a bit less overexposed in tif), so i went back into light room and dropped the exposer and boosted the recovery, etc.

I would prefer something more in between these two, but i will post this one for your sake.

That one is way better, not blinding to look at like in the original post.
The more i look at the second one, the more i don't like it, so i decided to go into PS this time for a bit of work. Its still not exactly where i want it, but i feel its better.

Still, it's hard to look at. I understand that you are going for the "light through the trees" effect, but that can be accomplished without blinding the viewer.
The extreme brightness/over exposure kills it for me. Try subtle, softer light rays for a less extreme result or shoot from a different angle. The comments I see posted are not disrespectful, just offering constructive feedback on your image which whilst subjectively appealing to you is likely to be too bright and over exposed to the majority of photogs and viewers here. Take on board the C&C and enjoy the D300.
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I sincerely apologize if you feel disrespected by my comments. I think you need to take into consideration that you are posting images on an open forum. In doing such, you open yourself to comments and criticism. If the way these images came out do it for you, then that's all that should matter. For future reference, when you do post images for comments, try and be a little more thick skinned, as everyone isn't going to like your work. I don't see my comments as being harsh, but true. The fact is, that these images are very overexposed, as I'm sure many others in this community would agree. But I'll say it again, if that was the intended outcome, then consider them a success. But don't ask for comments/recommendations if you aren't really ready to hear people's thoughts.
If you look at my post i asked for recommendations regarding one specific aspect of my photo which was not addressed, and i apologize if i did not make that clear. Also, please note that i did in fact make changes in accordance to the suggestions. I am not blowing off the suggestions in any way and i am continuing to modify the image in similar fashion.
Your post clearly states "comments are appreciated and welcomed." With that being said, you immediately got offended when someone didn't shower you with praise for your "wonderful" images. The facts are the facts, the images are very overexposed, the sky is blown out, and it's harsh to look at.

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