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Aug 21, 2013
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Amsterdam/The Netherlands Ghent/Belgium
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Hello everyone,

Today was my first day of street photography, I really enjoyed it. All the pictures are taking in Amsterdam.
I hope you guys can give me some feedback.



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Different, and most I see what the "story" was. But the shot of the tattoo and the lady on bike, I don't feel you should of cut off the lady's head, would of been a neater shot if the forearm was in focus, but the lady was slightly blurred or out of focus. Also, the crop on the car/building shot is weird to me.

Nice job over all.
The set suffers from some big focus issues. Only one or two are in focus.
Not bad for a first time. The under exposure is bothering me more than any focus issues there may be.
Keep shooting.
Go watch this video:

you will learn much, and you will learn a GREAT deal about Henri Cartier-Bresson's approach to street photography. His is not the only approach, but it is the original one, and you should be familiar with it. It may seem to you that Marelli is maybe making some stuff up, but he is not -- he has nailed Cartier-Bresson 100 percent, and has the most concise and lucid description of the work I have ever seen. It is truly remarkable.

It's long. Make the time.
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Wow for your first time I think they are great. As far as pointers go I would suggest taking a bit more time in setting the composition. I realize most of this is going to be candid but you can still do it. What I try to do is find the spot, something with a good background and wait for the subject to walk to it. That works well for some situations. Other times I will try to visualize the shot before hand. Watch a person an anticipate what they will do. Like the women getting into the car, set yourself in the best possible place to get the shot beforehand can make a big difference. Btw yours are great I was just using that as an example. If you want check out some of my street shots. I just came back from San Francisco and used these techniques to get my shots. The city is a photographers dream....
They are OK.

I want to go to Amsterdam and shoot. I found a book on it at the airport. Looked like a very nice place for taking pix.
They are OK.

I want to go to Amsterdam and shoot. I found a book on it at the airport. Looked like a very nice place for taking pix.

None of these pictures say "Amsterdam". These shots could be from anywhere.
Two things: the light and the background. Always bear in mind where the light comes from, how does it fall on your subject, watch for the shadows it creates. And look for clean, uncluttered backgrounds. Do not be absorbed by the main subject, it is only a part of the picture. There is a lot happening on the streets any day, but the challenge is not capturing it, but create a strong composition around it. Then you will start taking great shots. You need to do it very fast, and it is very challenging. It is so easy to make a half baked pedestrian street shot, but you need to work hard for a good one. But it is a great fun. It all starts with an interest in people, other things will come if you try. Good start, but it is important to decide for yourself what are the main components of a great street shot you are after both aesthetically and in terms of a content and a story, and bear it in mind.
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