First DSLR - D60, XS or K200D?


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Apr 24, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm an amateur at photography and this is my first post in the forum :)

I used a Fujifilm S700 for about a year but I sold it and I'm now looking into the DSLR field. I've had about 2 weeks of experience with a Canon XSi (450D) so I'm a bit familiar with how they function, although I know different brands vary in terms of interface and such.

I would be shooting mainly landscapes, and almost anything else except sports/high-paced stuff hehe.

Now onto my question. I've read reviews, both written and video of the thre cameras I'm choosing from (Nikon D60, Canon XS or K200D) and simply can't decide on what to get.

As I mentioned before, I've used the XSi and since it's very similar to the XS in terms of body shape and handling, that would be a plus to my decision. But again, the Nikon D60 has some better image features such as the D-Active lighting and better overall ISO performance. And the K200D is weather proof and has the in-body lens motor.

So basically, which one would you choose and why?

Thanks! :D
All 3 are good cameras. You can't go far wrong with any of them.

Canon and Nikon will have more after market stuff available.

Have you compared the RAW image quality of the 3 at DXO Mark Labs?

Here's the link. Mind, it doesn't compare features, just RAW IQ.
The Nikon D60 of those three. The Pentax has a slower and less sensitive autofocus under low light than the Nikon and Canon and the D60 has a reputation of being better than the Xs.

Make sure to try out the D60. I found it had much better ergonomics and easier menus than the Canon. I've had the D60 for a year now and it is a great camera, I love it.

If you like the Canon though, I would definitely do what it takes to spend the extra to get the XSi instead of the XS.

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