Taking one photo w/ Multiple Exposures


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Jun 6, 2008
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Well, as the title pretty much states. Is there anyway to take 1 picture and have it "create" 2 different pictures with different exposures? I have a Canon Rebel XT. Sorry for the noobness, still learning the camera and photography.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

You could process the image and 'save as'...then go back and process it differently and 'save as' again. Presto, you now have two copies of the same photo. This is especially effective when you shoot in RAW.

I believe you camera as AEB (auto exposure bracketing). When you set up and activate this mode, the camera snaps off three photos when you press the button. One at the metered exposure, one over and one under.
The problem with Mike's idea is that while you end up with a visually brighter and a visually darker image you do not have the added dynamic range of actually recording a scene brighter or darker. This means that anything black in the dark scene will still be black in the bright scene, and anything white in the bright scene will still be white in the dark one, leading also to images without normal contrast curves.

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