First dusting of snow on the Scottish Highlands

Beautiful Image, well Balance and The Colours are Superm, Well Done



Many thanks, the colours and the scene are pure Scotland and not me. :)
We've had a couple of weeks of unseasonably warmer (not warm :() weather caused by a jet stream that has swept some intense low pressure systems over us (including the remnants of a hurricane) and kept the wind from the west/south-west. The good thing is that this blew all the haze away so when the wind abated and swung to the north with a ridge of high pressure the air was crystal clear. Couple this with a sun that barely clears 25 degrees off the horizon all day then the biggest problem is keeping the camera dry as you wade through the bog! :D
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Another lovley scene Tim. I'm suprised tbe water was still enough given the recent weather but lovely reflection there!

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