First engagement shot! First non friend/family member client!


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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This is a sneak peak!
I just threw some levels and slight curves, sat and contrast.

I'm too excited not to share.

I want real cc.

I am not charging them, but I still want to give them quality "free" pictures!

What's the blue on lower right?
I think the shot is great. I'm just not digging the blue area. I find it draws your eye to it.
3 more... which are really not this noisy but I uploaded from Facebook....



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So far #2 is your best (that you've posted), love the raw emotion/happiness in this shot :) Good job.

First shot seems to cast their skin in a yellowish tone, and I agree with the others, the blue draws attention.

#4, just an awkward/uncomfortable pose.

Just my .02, but your use of the border thingie is kind of cheesy to me :/ I'd go with a soft vignette or very thin solid black outline, if you want that look. BUT, I like your water mark :), classy, but telling.

PS: # your shots so others can comment and give CC on the pics by #
They were a very cheesy and different couple! lol That is a calm picture! haha
A few things... I like the simplicity and clean shots that you displayed for us. Be careful with your crop area I noticed a few were a little tight. ( i sometimes still do it myself ) a few other things I noticed were they looked a bit overboard on the vignette. ( I like to place a vignette around my images too, but have learned to not make it quite as dramatic )
And finally. Be sure to keep an eye on the entire bunch of images that you are processing. I noticed that there is a bit of difference in the brightness of the different images. This is ok if many hours have passed and the available light has changed. But I think a few are under exposed and a few are over. Take them back in and look only at you +or- Exposure control or your Brightness control. Get them all on the same playing field and you'll have some real winners. All of this is only my opinion and is what I would do if it were up to me to work on them. Just a few things I learned the hard way and wanted to offer for you to decide.

-Best of luck
Great shots - good job!

I would suggest that you think more about the background - the bokeh in 1c is nice, but the others tend to have rather busy backgrounds that can be distracting.

I liked the ring shot - but it seemed like there are more than twenty fingers there!

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