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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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co workers desk

Is HDR supposed to look like a neon sign? I see a lot of HDR here (have yet to try it), and a lot of them look like they're backlit. The colors seem a little too real. Oversaturated, maybe.
thanks guys appreciate the comments this was my first ever, and yes i help the camera by hand so those 2 little blur spots are most likely from it.
In my world (3D artist) an HDRI is made by combining multiple exposures into a single image of 32 bits containing the full spectrum of exposures in an image. Typically a chrome sphere is shot to help create accurate composites of rendered geometries. Also called a light plot. These special images are then used a reflection maps or even lighting solutions (image based lighting) in CG renderings.

What does it mean in this context?

i wish i knew how to do this =(

Take 3 pictures of the same thing(a tripod will be needed). Take one picture with the correct exposure, and than take 2 more pictures of the same thing. One overexposed, and one underexposed...

Than download a program like photomatix from there you combine all three pictures into one picture, giving you the extreme highlights and shadows.

and awesome photo by the way. Very nice for your first.
Very cool. Looks like a flash back from the sixties. Not that I would/could know anything about that.
Love it! I want to learn how to do this in the near future! I hope I can get such great results with MY first try! :)

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