First Long Exposure+Water Attempt


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Apr 30, 2008
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Sunnyvale, CA
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Camera: Sony DSLR-A700
Exposure: 30"
Aperture: f/22.0
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 100

The other night was my first time trying to get that erie long exposure+moving tide shot. This one turned out the best, as most of them the sky was overexposed compared to the rocks. I guess I need to go out on a clear night later than ~30 minutes after the sunset? C&C welcome!
I like it, specialy due to its dreamy touch.

Very good work for a first time try.
very nice
it's very soft and reflective
looks like the water is almost misty
love the almost gradient colours and texture in the bottom right corner.
a very elegant feel! nice work :)
Very good shot!

You may want to try a grduated nueutral density filter to help prevent blowing out the sky.
i like the shot, tad under exposed but still like it
increase iso sensitivity to 200, it will rise the exposure on foreground area, its to dark to me..........imho..........

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