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Mar 26, 2009
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New here, looking for another avenue for giving and receiving critique and this seems like a good spot, I hope.

^ Was thinking of cropping this one square based in the center, to cut out the shadow of the building on the left, but not sure. Thoughts?

I like the last one the best. All are nice shots.
Hi there :)

The sun bothers me in the first two, but that last one is gorgeous! (But you do need to straighten the horizon).

*edit, actually I think your horizon IS straight, you got funky crooked clouds ;)

Welcome to the forum!
The third one is very good.

Welcome to the forum
The 3rd shot is phenomenal! Great job! Though, the first is my favorite because it tells more of story than the rest.
#3 is great!

Is it HDR? Something seems surreal about it.
#1: I think I would crop most of the building (and that sun) out. Beautiful sky. Check the horizon - either it is slightly skewed, or my eyes are (could easily be my eyes :D )

#2: Lame sky, blown out sun, nothing really of interest to look at.

#3: Beautiful shot. Check this horizon as well, although I think it's an optical illusion from the clouds being slanted. Image appears over-sharpened. Nice composition. Didn't notice the gulls until my third look at it.

I like what you did with the crop on the first one, and I think it is a very nice photo. It is what I picture when I think about New England ports and bays and such. I love looking at these coastal types of photos because it is something I never get to see living in Kansas.

There is nothing wrong with the second and some may really like it but the subject matter does not do much for me.

As for the last one, I have to agree with the others, it is a stunning shot. And I can't believe you got those bird in there also. They are in the most perfect spot in the frame too (how lucky), they really add alot. I don't agree with the others that say it is oversharpened. I think it is nice you can see so much detail in the rocks and such.

and one more thing- I'm trying to figure out how the rocks facing away from the sun got lit up (I figured they would be in a little more shadow), or are they facing away from the sun? I can't really tell.What ever you did works
Beauitful :)
Do you live in the surrounding area to which these were taken?
Thanks for the feedback. I tend to agree that the second shot is weak, I liked it because of the green and new colors I hadn't seen much of over the winter, but now I am realizing it doesn't have much merit on its own.

The third one is a bit oversharpened I would agree. The rocks in the foreground are actually on a fairly sharp angle facing the sun, but also have been lightened a bit in post.

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