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Oct 5, 2010
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I'm just beginning to get into photography so this picture is very raw for me. I didn't use any special lens at all. Just my average Canon Powershot A540. Looking at everyone else's photos I feel so inferior but oh well...I want to know what people thought.


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Sorry I tried to put it right on the post but for some reason it didn't show up
I think this shot has potential.... The sky behind the baby is extremely blown out, which is very distracting.
Thanks. Is that the way I took the photo or would I fix that in photoshop or something?
i think the thing that helps most with all black and white photos is to remember that as a general rule you should have the blackest blacks and the whitest whites as a part of the other words, a photo that is mostly grey is going to be kinda boring. the contrast between the dark and the light creates some turmoil or emotion. when i see that, i dont think of the upper left corner needs to have a speck of white and the lower right should be black, I mean that those contrasts should be there where you are looking.
Part of that is looking for the right lighting and that takes practice. The other part is photoshop.
I think here you have a good subject and decent lighting but to me, there are a few things i would change. The sky is blown out and that distracts from the subject. Additionally the subject is very grey. it needs more stand out from the sky and the tree. its...hard to describe without showing...but my suggestion is to look at other good black and white photos...often times they are not grey...they have great contrast between areas...i guess ill give an example
(and granted this is an extreme example...)
i changed this picture so it would be almost all shades of grey

this is with contrast tweaked so that it has both the blackest blacks and whitest whites

and i dont know why im so verbose tonight (othen then i am trying to avoid some school work)
^^^Official "thanks" for that post. Very good example too.
Excellent comparison; I think these two images must be placed in a separate thread in tutorial section, as an inspiration for all

Regards :D

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