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Jan 14, 2008
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Southern Ontario, Canada
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Just wanting to get some feedback on this photo I took of my fiance and I last night. Had fun (not) running back and forth with the 10 second timer. Also note that the outfits were not ideal. I was just trying to figure my lighting out a bit. I think I need to find other people to model for me in order to truely test this stuff out. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Nice but there seems to be no separation from the background. the dark hair almost blends with the black background
Thanks. Yea I actually darkened the background because it was originally blue. It was hard to just darken in because it was a wall and is somewhat grainy. The shadow was horrible..the shot was taken in a small bed room with not much space to back away from the wall.

I like it although skin looks very red on my works monitor:)
I like the second one, especially the pink and blue color.

Shame another pretty girl is taken! :D
I like the b&W one. And you both have very nice expressions.
Lighting looks good for this type of portrait. Nice and soft and the ratio is pleasing.

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