First portrait with 580EX II


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Nov 14, 2007
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This is my first indoor portrait with my new 580EX II and my Wal-Mart hair light. No PP done other than resizing for the web. This was not a planned shoot. I forced my girlfriend to model for me (she got me the flash for Christmas) in my apartment so I could play with the flash.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

For out of the camera, I think it is great and the flash does not really intrude - did you use some sort of reflector as well?
Nope salexander867 is so good he can violate the laws of physics and make light like that directly :p

It's bounced, and very soft. What did you bounce it off? A bit too soft for my tastes, but that's just a tastes thing now.
Nope. Not bounced, but very close. The 580 is shooting through an umbrella and the hair light/fill (it is spilling over) is a Wal-Mart shop light with a SystemPro Cool Light bulb and diffuser hanging off of a light stand.

I went soft on this one after doing a few others with the light more to the side.
I like it... do you have a background of the kind in your home??? I wouldn't have anything like that lying around. It looks very "studio" to me.

Where did you put your 580EXII?
I thought I'd be able to use mine on the side (as slave), and had to learn upon purchasing it that my camera cannot function as master flash without an additional one ... sigh ... so now I am saving for about another year to get myself the other flash which can serve as master, so I can use my 580EXII as slave ... sigh-sigh-sigh. But then all I have is the 350D ...

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