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Sep 24, 2010
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Okay guys, this is my first post on here, just found this site. i just started really getting into photography. picked up a standard nikon D3000 with kit lenses last christmas and have been slowly tyring to learn how to properly use it. im to the point where im not shooting in auto mode anymore for the most part and im also learning how to process my pics, ive picked up cs5 for that. so here are a couple of pics i particularly like. tear them up if you like, I really wanna learn how to improve. and being partially colorblind doesnt help with editing pics i find lol.

this is my 4 year old terror Nolan when we were at the zoo. i looked down and he had that grin on his face and i just quickly snapped it before he ran off.

statue downtown indanapolis, i was down there with my son again. it was mid day. sun fully out and i didnt expect to get much good shots. but with a bit of editing i thought this one turned out nicely.



this is another unexpected pic, i got up early to go watch some long distance swimmers at the local lake. not really into it, but i figured it would be a good chance to work on my photo skills. none of my swimmer pics turned out but i like how this one turned out.


Good job! #2 is slightly tilted but I love you shorts! Great job for just getting started. I can tell you'll progress quickly

#3 is my fav, composition, colors, just perfect for my eyes! (but I wear glasses LOL)

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