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Aug 8, 2010
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huntington beach
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these photos were taken 3 or so years ago on my D40 when i first got it, i did a little still photography with it, then used it for mostly parties and such, now i looking at getting back into it as a hobby.

sorry if the photos arent very crisp, i cant find these on my hard drive, so i took em off my myspace.

thanks for your time guys.
Hello and welcome!

I take it you did some editing of both of these at some point in the past?

The first one is far too orange. I appreciate that it's a sunset, but everything is a shade of orange - the sky, the sand, the sea. More natural colouring would much improve the photo.

The second one gets away with the orange colours as it is a close-up, and the silhouette is nice, but the bottom third of the photo has no detail at all and is therefore wasted.

As you mention, Myspace and Facebook etc. all seem to do nasty things to your photos. I would suggest using a dedicated photo site such as imageshack, flikr, photobucket or similar. You can get free limited accounts if you want to try them first.
i actually only did editing to the first, but not the second. it was taken around 11 am. would the second be better if i cropped it?


this one might be a little better, but it needs to be cropped also, on both the left and the right.

thanks for your input!
The first one is great but, maybe you could try to play on the levels a little bit, it might help.

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