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Aug 15, 2007
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Somewhat new to digital photography and I've been taking phots from my balcony for a few months now. I'm planning to buy a 24" iMac and PS C3 with my tax refund, until then I'm using DPP on my PC laptop. All these photos were taken with my 70-200 lens. I figured a great way to learn was to post some of my photos and let the more experienced people here let me know what I did wrong/right. So, here goes:



The first image looks a bit washed out to me.
It would be really nice to get some color in the water and a little more contrast.

The second image seems better exposed to me, personally. Although I think the darkness of the ship really detracts from the rest of the image.

The third image is by far my favorite. I love the colors and the slight glimmer of light from the city.
ok for my opinion...

#1. Nice composition, needs the "levels" tweaked in photoshop to kill off the haze (would a UV filter help? anyone)


#2. is so so - I don't really have an opinion.

#3. is lovely. But I cropped more to the typical rule of turds. Probably would go to a 100 x 30 panorama aspect if it was my shot.


good work, thanks for sharing and I look forward to more :thumbup::thumbup:
oh by the way... is it Hong Kong?

ya know where King Kong (my hero) lives?

Nope, it's New York. Although the sunset picture is of Jersey City.
nossie said:
the typical rule of turds.


I hadn't seen that last time I looked.

I know a couple people who would like that name change to be permanent.

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