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Feb 20, 2009
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Just found your site while searching for new forums. Mostly to check out other peoples pictures.(Some great stuff that I have seen so far.) I spend alot of my time on and thought I would broaden my horizon.
Anyway obviously my weapon of choice, atleast for the time being is the canon s3, and for the most part I love shooting landscape. Here are a few I thought I would share, and I Look forward to hearing what you guys think, and how I can improve.
A rocky stream taken near my house this past summer.

A house that caught my eye when I vacation at the cape.

and lastly a waterfall taken from a trip up north.
not bad for your first post, beautiful pictures though
Welcome to the community!

Great pictures! I love when intro posts have pictures in them
Welcome..Great shots..

Slightly dark for me, but nicely done.........:thumbup:
thanks guy enjoying checking out everyones pix, makes me realize how much I have to learn.

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