First S***

I had no idea that s***fall would be censored by the TPF Bad Language Genie!
I, too, was surprised that the word s*** would be censored.

I suppose if no one gave a s*** about such things, we would be up s*** creek without a paddle.

Or s***shovel.
It's time we write in to the TPF Mod Squad and create a veritable s***storm of complaints! I mean ******nit, this is a pastoral s*** scene, from Eastern Canada! I don't give a s*** who knows it, I'm s***-faced drunk and angry as s*** about this!
I love the shot
Very nice shot ! Quite magical... if not for that strange tree to the right. It grew fast, I didn't noticed it before. :oops:. Nice conversion.
BTW, how is doing your Minolta 7000 ?
I like the cross on top of that pine tree but can't figure out what the h*** that post / ladder thingy is on the right.
Hey, if you guys plowed s*** for a living, you'd definitely understand why "S***" should censored. You'd also understand why it shares the same number of letters as the other "S" word...."S***"
BTW...Love the shot Pix
Nice shot Judi; it's peaceful looking.

Isn't that why we have kids - to shovel the s***?
lol! You guys are the s*** lmao!

Ah, that weird thingy on the right lol That is an old homemade windmill the old owners made and it is slowwwwwwly tipping over from the wind, we haven't decided what we are going to do with it yet so for now it continues to slowly lay down lol
T, I've run a b&w through it but haven't developed it yet, I don't want to use any of the old films until I am sure it is lightproof ;)
Very nice image and love the dramatic sky. I'm in Sudbury Ontario where we only got about 4" of sn0w the other day although it's mostly gone now.

Thanks Dave :) Ah, I've been up in your neck of the woods quite a few times, we have family on Manitoulin. We are not too far from Tobermory and are planning on taking the ferry to the island next summer so maybe we can cross paths when the s*** is gone lol
............and Manitoulin is a great place to snap a few shots. Back in my film camera days I would go there in the winter for the day and just drive around looking for interesting things to shoot.

It is! The landscape up there is just.... yum!

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