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First shoot with models #1 C&C Please


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Mar 7, 2010
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NE Wisconsin USA
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I had a great opportunity a couple of weeks ago to shoot some models at a local photography club.

Here are the four shots I liked the most. I'll make another post with some of the shots I think have potential.

What do you think?





I personaly like numers 1 and 3 the best. I think focus is a little soft on number 2.

Any input?

C&C per req:

1. Interesting outfit the model has; I'll assume that wasn't something you could control. The image seems slightly under-exposed to me, but the mono conversion is well done. Be careful when using backgrounds with repeating patterns such as the lines. Your perspective gives the illusion of things not being straight and level.

2. Definitely missed the focus on her face here. As well, watch your backgrounds. Teh person running behind is still a distractiond despite the selective focus.

3, 4. Nice use of the golden light, but I don't think silhouetting her against the yellow building is the ideal composition. As well, she's rather too centered for my taste.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Focus seems sharp on her elbow on #2, so I think that you just missed the focus. I like the last color ones better, but I think overall the problem is that your setting doesn't make much of the personality or appearance of your model. Also, I would have liked to see a more close up portrait that connects with your model and a different expression, she seems to have the same half smile in all of them. Keep shooting!!
Thanks for the input Tirediron. I actually rather enjoyed her outfit. It was nice to see something outside the box. I shot #1 I liked how the lines painted across her eyes didn't quite match with the mortar lines in the wall behind her. That plus the look on her face gave the picture a slightly disjointed feel.

What do you think of compostion in #2? I cropped it to have the railing lead the viewer's eye to the model in the background. Maybe it's just to busy?
Like the outfit but think the backgrounds really dont do her justice. Her out fit tells me shes a rebel, edgy, outgoing and holds her ground but the backgrounds tell me wall, dock, hotel/apartment. You need to take her picture in the same atmosphere of her outfit. Graffiti wall, dark sinister dock and her trick or treating at a doorstep, or dark alley, etc.
I am assuming her outfit is Halloween, if not then thats cool too.
I think the softness could possibly be corrected with unsharp mask.
You make me eager to get into the Halloween shooting mood.:thumbup:

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