First shots my baby

Hni Alabndi

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Apr 24, 2007
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HI everybody, Here are my first shots, I'd like you to give me your opinion,

Best regard
They look good but are really small, can you upload a higher res version
okay actully I am beginner in photography world , so I need some advice plz .
I would have used a different color back ground. It is a little hard to discern what is what with the baby and the back ground both pink.
Hmmm. The first time I tried to post a reply it disappeared into cyberspace! I'll try again. You have a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately the autofocus on your camera "guessed" the wrong part of the picture to focus on. It does this because her outfit is "in front of" her face. In other words, the plane of her clothing is closer to the camera than the plane of her face. Her darling outfit is in sharp focus, but her face is soft and out of focus. Start learning to shoot in manual mode (assuming you are using an SLR) so that you can keep that sweet little face in critical focus. You are off to a great start, though, and it looks like you will have a great subject to practice on!
Rock and bellavita64 thanks , I will trying and study photography world ,

I love very much world camera.:)
Welcome to ThePhotoForum, Hni Alabndi, and welcome to the world, little baby of Hni Alabndi!

How nice that you mean to enter the world of photography.
You will enjoy it much.
More so with this little beauty to photograph!!!

I shall move your thread out of The Beginners' Place (it is more a Questions-and-Answers forum) to People and Pets, ok? Newcomers to the hobby AND the forum are also always welcome to post their PHOTOS to the galleries, and their QUESTIONS to the advice-forums, ok?
In both the closeup and the distant shots the fact that the feet are higher than the head make me want to reach out and catch your baby before she rolls off the bed.

I do have a balance problem so maybe it's only me. Anybody else?

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