First shots with camera


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Mar 19, 2009
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I am a beginner, so comments are welcome!

Random Stump

Mad Dog through fence

Creepy pig lady
Give it time. I hardly ever get feedback on my photos here so I assume they're not terrible or terrific. It helps if you describe the process you went about to get these photos and whether or not you achieved what you were going for. I'll give you my humble opinion for now.

The 1st is the strongest of the group, but I'm not sure where you wanted the focal point to be. The focus looks a bit soft and if you're trying to showcase the whole setting, close your aperture a bit to get more if the scene in focus.

The second is pretty abstract, and I think the dog's placement would be better suited towards the larger part of the opening (to the left). The white in to the right dominates the image more than the dog.

The third is just creepy. It's out of focus though, and extremely heavy with the noise. Looks like you shot at ISO 1600 with a cheap camera. Did you do any post processing here? Some people's images have had this look due to over sharpening and misuse of filters.

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