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Apr 23, 2006
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New Orleans, LA
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So, I finally decided to take a few pics. No more avoiding the embarassment. But I have to post and take more shots, otherwise I'll never improve.






I had some problems resizing these on Photobucket though. On top of that, I couldn't do anything in Photoshop cause it won't work. It's the starter edition anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to do much.
Allways take critiques with a grain of salt and allways remember even if someone tries to be objective its allways their opinion...

what do you mean starter edition? if you can't play with the curves (control M on the pc) then use the brightness and contrast control (located in image/adjust)..

number 1 is my fav but with all they seem over exposed, specially from 2-5 most of the petals and the depth of the whole flower is lost because of overexposure.
I like 2 and 3's composition, 4 I would of moved it to the left to center it, and 5 I would of moved down so it was centered too..

the only major thing is the over exposure..
bad exposure... too much light. shoot at a different time of day.
first of all, Welcome to TPF

They are a bit bright, Flower close ups are a tricky thing to master, Yours are over exposed. mine always end up oversaturated.

What kind of equipment are you using?
Somehow I feel that with flower photos you should do as you would with children's photos: unless you go for a particular message, you should always get on their level, that is: not take their photos from above. It is interesting to get below them, so you achieve this "ant's perspective", but flowers in a vase just suggest you get on their level, try to get a very neutral background, and maybe pick out one, maybe a composition of two or three --- those are my thoughts on your composition here. The technical flaws have already been pointed out by others, no need to repeat them.

Keep trying!
You definitely are on the right track.
chroix said:
bad exposure... too much light. shoot at a different time of day.

lol..... a man of few words.

I think that you should get in closer.. do some macro shots and maybe try different exposures. I agree with chroix on the time of day though... shoot early in the morning or just as the sun sets... oh, and dont use flash where possible :D

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