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Oct 31, 2009
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Buffalo NY
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So my roommates parents own a restaraunt and are looting to re-design their menu/have me do it for them for a price. We decided to do a test shoot of some basic things they serve to see how they came out before we went and made full entres. it's a mexican restaraunt btw. any tims are appreciated!



I agree that more DoF is needed. Also, maybe it's just my monitor, but they seem underexposed.
they wanted to capture the "atmosphere" of the restaraunt. thats why its a bit busy/dark. I thought the DoF wasnt too bad. I wanted to make sure the food itself was in focus. the margarita photo, one edge of the cup is in focus and the back edge isnt, that's pretty shallow imo. but thanks. things to keep in mind for the actual shoot.
I don't see the first two pictures capture the "atmosphere" of the restaurant. And they are also shallow.
i also think they are under exposed... the guacamole should look very bright green, it looks like a shadow, more light on the back end, also i would expect to see the chip (totopo) so more DOF needed there.

lightning is much better on the 2nd one, but also missing a bit DOF,

3rd also DOF missing, i would like to at least see the lime in focus

my 2 cents
I agree that more DoF is needed. Also, maybe it's just my monitor, but they seem underexposed.

I think they look a bit low in contrast; a snappier tone curve in post would make them Pop! a bit more. The tilts on the other hand are too much for me...

The drinks looked quite nice. The bar top look like real granite or whatever, and the lights in the background--EXCELLENT!!! Festive!

The ice cream treat looks delicious, but it seems to be "falling out of the frame" because everything in the shot is pointing downhill!! The yellow plate, the napkin, the ice cream, and the spoon--ALL are pointing down and left...not good; contrast that with the tortilla chip and the guacamole--those two items are "pointing inward" and "meeting one another" in a VERY GOOD compositional idea. Not to pick too many nits, but the man's hand in the guacamole shot looks a bit less-than-elegant...

One thought--what about square compositions, if you wanna' do the so-called Dutch tilt thing??? I think that type of deliberate tilting looks ungainly in vertical 3:2 aspect ratio photos, but looks much better in SQUARE format.

Anyway--the drinks--great idea, good location, GREAT BACKDROP with those lights! The chip + guac--solid, but could be better. The ice cream treat--needs an entire re-work.

I know the restaurant might be lighted dimly and low-key, buty if that is so, then the pictures need a bit more "oomph!" to register when seen on menus, or in such dim lighting...I would try bumping the contrast upward and making the lighting effect look more crisp, bright, fresh, and festive.
Agree with Derrel!

The first isn't horrible, and the tilt doesn't bother me. While I agree with you that the guac should be the focus, not the hand... the aperture was still too small. Open it up a bit and get at least half the chip in focus.

The second one, as Derrel said, should be reshot. It looks like the icecream is about to slide off the plate.

I kinda dig the drink picture. I think you captured the atmosphere VERY well with that one. The tilt works nicely, gives a whimsical sort of feeling.

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