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First time shots....C&C Please


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Mar 21, 2009
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Toronto, ON
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Hey all,

For a few years now I have always wanted to learn how to take some pics that weren't from a disposable. So I thought before I jumped in, way over my head, I did a little research. Found out my dad use to teach photography back in the late 80's. So he tossed me a bunch of books and I started reading.

As for my camera, I didn't grab a D SLR, just in case I ended up not liking it I I wish I had now lol) So I grab a point and shoot that had a few more extra's and let me actually play with some manual options.

These are the first few pics that I have taken, that I liked. None of them are photoshopped or have been molested in any way. (That I'll learn once I get the hang of taken a good shot) So please, be honest with the comments, I take it all as a positive so that I can learn to get better results. And Like I said, I never really have taken any pic's before worth looking at, lol.

#1: My Orchid

#2: My Siamese

#3: Old Train Bridge

#4: Under the Bridge

#5: Gargoyle
I'm so brand new I have absolutely no business giving C&C. But let me take a shot and see how badly I get spanked! :lmao:

Shot #1 would be great coloring with the orchids against the red wall, if that piece of electronic equipment wasn't totally ruining the shot for me.

Kitteh's just a little washed out looking snapshot to me. But cute cat.

On #3, it's interesting subject matter, but I would have taken a different angle, to get rid of the big blank sky in the upper left.

I'm not gonna attempt #4, since my eye isn't technical enough yet.

#5 is a cool subject and I like the coloring. I want the gargoyle's toes in there, and not the light pole (is that a light pole?)

Now please disregard everything I just said, because I'm a wet-behind-the-ears phototard.
Hi, this is just a quick critic from my views, hope you considered it.

1. the focus look a little off, the flower is not as sharp as the bud below it.
2. It seem like your shutterspeed is too slow and there is a little bit of blur. Did you use the flash too? It look washed out.
3. The sky is blown out but sometimes theres isn't much you can do. I don't like this particular angle though.
4. In interesting angle of the machinary, I would just crop out the bottom a little. It's a distraction.
5. I like the focus of this one, I just wish it wasn't so yellow.

Just my opinion.
I like the first one the best, there really is no composition on the bridge shots either. the 2nd bridge shot is just too distracting to me.
The first is a very good shot. Maybe a little soft, but not bad. Watch your backgrounds. The thermostat or whatever totally ruins the shot.

The cat is out of focus.

I personally like this shot. The sky is blown out, but with a P&S that may be unavoidable.

This shot is too busy for me. No real subject. Nothing to catch the eye.

Not really my type shot. Don't like the yellow. It seems underexposed on the right side and the toes are cut off.

Just my opinion. The key is "Do you like them?" If you do, the rest of us don't matter. Keep that shutter clicking.

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