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Nov 9, 2007
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Pittsburgh, Pa
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This is the first pic I've ever posted on this's of my Godson, Braden. I haven't done a lot of portrait photography, but it's something I would like to get into more. I just can't pass up taking pics of him, he's so darn cute. Anyway, I welcome any CC you may have :)
id prefer if his right eye to be in focus

cute kid and beautiful eyes!
theres a problem in the focus on his eyes and the mouth is choped off and thats not realy good in portraits pictures at this type .
also which camera and edit did you use cause theres something wrong with his eyes cause they are all black without any sign for color in them
Yes, thank you, I noticed about the eyes and the weird focusing issue and I agree about cutting off the mouth. Aside from composition, I was wondering how the black and white tone quality looked.
I didn't do much editing aside from a little dodging and burning in photoshop and increasing the contrast a little bit.
He has really, really dark eyes, but they may have gotten that black after I increased the contrast. I was trying to find the original to compare, but it's not on this computer.
Thanks again everyone!
what kind of camera did you usE ?

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