First Water Drop for C&C


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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I don't have off-camera flash yet, so I let the on-camera flash bounce against the stainless-steel sink to give a little back-lighting to the drop which was in a small glass I have at home...just let the faucet drip one by one into the glass and this is what I got (I didn't set the white balance to flash considering that the light coming out of the flash is generally blue and that is the color water is generally associated with):

Not bad. Would have ideally liked a better angle with maybe a bowl or something with a lower rim. But i realize you cant do that with it in the sink and maybe you wanted to deep glass look. I kinda like the white balance. I think it works well.
Also meant to add that the extra space on the right side bugs me. Maybe center it more? I am OCD though.
Looks pretty good man! Nice job. I agree with the WB decision.
Good point on the extra space Taylor, thanks. I'll keep that in mind in future leave out the extra space when it doesn't lend itself to the photo such as this one doesn't...
I've got a question:

What do you focus on to get shots like this? I'm assuming you were in manual focus?
Yeah, I manually focus on where I think the the water will come up at and this is one of more than 15 or so shots that didn't turn out...wonder how many crappy shots Ansel did before he found one keeper...

I don't think I've used the autofocus feature at all...the only time I've switched it on is to lock the "focus ring" after manually focusing so I can rotate the Circ-Pol without losing focus...
BTW Taylor, if you were really OCD, you would have spelled it the letters would be they should be :lmao:
For my first attempt I used halogen table lamp and full bowl of water .if you don’t mind I’ll post couple pic.
Wee, those looked like fun to make...

Thank you so much for sharing...

Mine look like a Culligan's advert

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