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Jan 3, 2010
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Some fish shots from the rocky coastline of Bermuda. Loving my new polorized filter!

1. Parrot Fish

2.Gar Fish

3. Feeding Frenzy
I have never seen anything like this. This school of fish made up of all different species came down the coast line going from reef to reef feeding on all the fish.... they came hit this reef and were out of sight in a couple minutes!

4. Gar Fishes

5. Rock Fish (aka Black Grouper) I thought this was a parrot fish at first but after zooming in i realized it was a massive grouper! I havent ever seen them in this close to shore or shallow before.
thanks eric!

i am thinking of blowing these up for a series on my wall. funnily enough i find the subject far more interesting than my girlfriend! take photo 1 for example, she cant really see the shape of the fish.... i think its perfectly clear but i know what these fish look like. what do you think, is it clearly a turqoise fish swimming on its side or is it unclear what it is?
Great idea... I have done a bit of this with trout in the Western U.S. (Aren't polarizers the greatest?) Gar are such strange looking fish!
Thanks firegirl. Gar are strange, especially watching them eat since there mouth is above their 'bill' it looks like their eating with their forehead! I would like to see some of your trout shots if you feel like posting them
Youre did a great job with glare..but a blown up series on the wall...hmmm..

mark, i see your point... if i were to blow them up it would probly just be the first two, after that its just repetitive w the same colors etc

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