Fish Photos

Heya. I like them. I am not the best photographer and I am looking at these on my phone but the colour looks nice and I like some of the water effects :)
I would recommend that you pick a few photo's (2-3) and put them into your post if you would like some more feedback. That is a cool fish. I really like the one you labeled "quick strike."
Thank you! yeah I just need to figure out this whole posting thing. Ill put some up soon.
There's a pinned thread at the top of this forum which will take you through posting photos.
First one..washed out between the eyes. Our eyes are drawn to bright (in this case overexposed) areas and is a distraction.

Others much better!! Wonderful colors.

For ease of CC, put a number before the title. It is easier to type a number than a whole title when one posts a critique.
Awesome shots, what settings did you use? I have African cichlids and I'm always looking to improve my shots. thanks
I really enjoyed fish spit the most. The texture of the water is really nice.

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