Fishing On Myakka Lake


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Oct 16, 2010
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Sarasota, Florida
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Fishing with my 12 year old grandson Blake on Myakka Lake in the Myakka River State Park near Sarasota, Florida, USA, we came upon this patch of water that was almost as smooth as glass and the awesome reflection of the clouds on the lake surface compelled me to take this shot from the stern of the canoe.


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I used to golf with my grandfather all the time at Myakka Pines golf club. we fished on that river quite a bit.
good times.
i would trade everything I own to go back and play one more round of golf with him, or have one more day fishing.
Going to Sarasota tomorrow. I'll check the area out. Neat!
Looks like one calm day, love the reflections in the water
Thanks for the comment. The lake is high right now and a lot of the park is underwater, but there are still a lot of photo opportunities to be had.
Thanks for the reply. There's nothing like quality time between grandkids with their grandparents.
Cracking reflections. I've been there a few times and there was allways plenty of wildlife, never managed to fish it though.
No boat, just a camera.
I'm pretty sure you can use a Leica as a boat. They can do anything, to hear people talk.

I am torn between liking the fact that the shirt is the same color as the sky, and thinking it muddles things up visually. Nice looking place, either way!
Just finished a morning out there...boy,talk about gators....a bunch of them to be sure. Not much bird life though. I think I got an American Kestral and some black bellied Texas whistling ducks, and egret or two, a great blue and vultures out the yazoo. Nice lake but unfrotunately the rains have chased away all the wading birds. Maybe next year.

I'll post some shots when I get home tomorrow night.
That is lovely! Only the small wake of the boat disturbed this water. So nice! :)

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