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    The topic sure sounds interesting, but the photo is not...


    I went to a nearby park for some Autumn shots a few days ago - got this scene that I just wanted to capture. The only problem is- I have not gotten myself a tripod yet! The problem with this shot is that I was forced to use the very end of my 75-300mm lense to shoot it (on a D-rebel sensor - 300X1.6) as I want to give my unwilling subject some privacy to himself. (Would you mind if someone was trying to photograph you 10-20 times while you're trying to fish :) ) The only cushion I have for my camera is my Lowepro backpack... and even with it I still have to be very careful with my breathing. :grumpy:

    Image has been resized, of course. The original pic is about 1.22M, this one 80K

    Believe me, that's the best shot I could get. It is very out of focus, so anyone with any suggestion on how to fix this via Elements 2.0?


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