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Aug 22, 2012
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i currently have an sb-600 flash that I use but am looking to get another. Are there any other brand flashes besides Nikon that will work "off camera" without using a pocket wizard or something alike. A flash that is comparable to the nikons but perhaps a little cheaper as I would t be using 2 flashes all the time.
Will the Yongnuo work in commander mode along with my sb-600???
I have seen some people report here that they have had different color temps between flash units of different manufacturers so might want to check that as well if you find a third party unit that is compatible with commander mode.

Another option is to just pick up three Youngnuo units and wireless control. Then just use the SB-600 when you go with commander mode.
I tried to find the yongnuo for Nikon. However none of what I found have ttl function. Just M and multi function modes. Does this mean they won't fire off camera using ttl mode I would figure??
They can be triggered either by a wireless flash trigger or the flash of another flash. I have a 560III and while it's full manual and I have to set the flash strength myself, I can either fire it with my trigger or the on camera flash.
The neewer 750 has ttl, and optional brewer ttl triggers. Ttl works great, the low light focus assist is way off center though.
Can the yongnuo Union-568ex be fired usin my in camera commander mode in TTL
Look at the table at this link. Specifically look at the WL column. The "m" means the flash can act as the commander if it is mounted on your camera. The "r" means it can receive the commander's TTL signals. If you are already using the Nikon CLS TTL system then you must have a master (maybe built into your camera) so you might just need the "r" in that column.

I've gone with used SB-800's, They are great flashes. Some of the YongNuo's will work in TTL as remotes, but none of them will do the master function. Sigma has some nice options.
So I should be able to fire the yongnuo off camera by using my in camera and pop up flash in commander mode, correct?
Yes, if you are talking about the 568EX.

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