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Flash insert


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Feb 28, 2006
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Mansfield, Texas
Ok, I'm new to flash/dreamweaver. I made a flas slideshow using cs2 bridge. Id gave me an xml file to edit settings, a flash object, and an index. The index is what runs the slideshow....or rather "is" the "slideshow".

OK guidance needed. Using either Dreameaver or Frontpage, how ca I add this index page into a page?

Here is exactly what I want to do: I want to make a table with 3 rows no columns, the table is 100% w/h. I want top cell to be 15% h as well as the bottom cell. I want the middle cell to be 70% h. I want the flash slideshow (webpage) to be placed in the middle cell. This way No matter how big the browser it will automatically size the show, and it will leave a banner above and below the show.

IS THIS POSSIBLE? I can get the table how i want it, but I don't know how to place the webpage iside the midle cell in a way that it will play.

Like I said, i'm new to this software, I know what I want to do...just not how to get there yet.

thx for any help you flash/dreamweaver guru's....and doing it with frontpage will work for now.
Hi Robert,

I use flash and found lots of help at the macromedia site. To answer your question:

Simply insert a FLASH OBJECT into a cell in the center table. The table will control the size of the page and the Flash slide show will be displayed within the table. You should have an SWF file (flash file) that you simply insert into the the table using the Insert menu option.

Here is how to do it. Go across the top of the screen to the INSERT option, select MEDIA, then select FLASH. The program will ask you to browse to your flash file. Select it and save it in the folder with your webpage. Upload both the new index page and the flash file (.swf) to your remote host. That should do it!

Best of luck!

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