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Flash photography saves girl's life


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Jan 26, 2008
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Facebook saves girl's life after family friend spots eye cancer on mother's photo | Mail Online

Really scary story that will probably pop in the back of my head every time i need to correct red eyes in a photo or take flash photo of a cat... none of which happens often at all. But i do look at photos of friend's kids on Facebook.

As a sidenote, wikipedia picks this wording to describe the effect: "red eye may be a sign of retinoblastoma" - but i have stopped bothering with them a long time ago :roll:

Best wishes to the little girl, and may you never see that in one of your photos!
Wow, that is interesting! And who would have thought that amateur direct pop-up flash photography could have anything GOOD about it, but here it certainly did! (WHEN spotted by the right viewer! I wouldn't have known!)
I did not know this! Interesting.

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