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May 15, 2013
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yeah so this one is pretty sloppy... obviously the guy looks scared, not to mention girl's veloceraptor arm

$DSC_1970 e 2s.jpg
I really like the idea, but you are right, it feels creepy to me.

With that hot of a female and a non repulsive guy id say you have the right subjects and idea, now you just to nail the pose.

Keep posting some other poses if you have any.
I think this would work better if the light was coming from higher and farther camera left (and the guy wasn't wearing what appears to be a stained t-shirt).
Yeah true.. the guy kinda just walked into the set lol but I decided to try take advantage of that (there was a lot of people walking around and into the set)

Lighting-wise you are totally right, that is what I realized as soon as I started snapping pictures. But this being one of my very first photoshoots, I showed up totally unprepared with one bare flash on a tripod lol. Ehhh you live, you learn...

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