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May 27, 2011
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This one took some time. I've debated putting it up or not for a long time to see if I have something here. This is one of my first attempts at a fine art personal project I finished 6 months ago but have not really shared it with anyone. let me know what you think!

First impression is "oh nice plant" ... THEN it hits you right between the eyes ... "WHAT THE????". Very clever - I would love to see a large version of this (bit of "pixel peeping" I know) just to see how good the image is put together. My eyes continue to explore this image - but not aimlessly. The main stem guides my eyes up and down and then I find my eyes coming back to four focus points. The top lily, the "daisy" underneath right and then down to the botton right (I know the name but this old man forgets things!). On the left its the carnation.
There are two spots that conflict with the overall clean lines of the image (and I'm being a picky grumpy old man here ... so don't read too much into it!). The daisy flower overlaps the leaf just below it and all the buds at the top. I can't tell if is a "bad" thing or not - its just that I keep noticing it.
What does it look like in colour? ... or did you prefer the B/W for some reason (no colour would mean the viewer can then just concentrate on shape and form).
Congratulations on thinking outside the square and having the confidence to push the boundaries. I really think you could build up a nice body of work around this concept.
I did originally have it in color, but some of the colors of some of the flowers were a bit more distracting and took away from the over all image so I changed it to BW and it looks much better. Going to be working on another series like this in the near future when ever I get a chance to start a personal project again.

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